Training Opportunities

Here at the firing pin, we offer both individual training sessions and scheduled group classes. Check out our offerings below. To sign up, simply call the shop at 585-494-0333 and let us know which class you'd like to sign up for!


The USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals course covers an array of topics such as developing your personal protection and home defense plan, appropriate firearm selection, and the legal use of force. This course will also suffice as a pre-permit course, and is a great course for both novices and experienced firearm owners. USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense books are available for purchase in advance of this course or at the course itself and serve as a very good tool to reflect on the lessons discussed in the class.

Duration: 4.5 - 5 hours

Cost $100.00

(includes book valued at $35.00)

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The purpose of our pistol mechanics course is to familiarize shooters with the proper, efficient mechanical operation of their handgun. Topics covered encompass all mechanical skills related to operating the handgun, including:

- The “workspace”: What is it? Where is it? Why is it important to you?
- Loading and Unloading procedures:    Administrative loading, reload with retention, emergency/slidelock reload
- The draw
- Malfunctions clearance procedures: Tap/Roll/Rack/.Re-assess
- Aiming Techniques: Flash/Float the dot/Front

- sight focus

This training course lasts roughly 2.5-3 hours and will require approximately 150 rounds of ammunition to complete. Those wishing to participate must have a QUALITY holster that stays open when the gun is withdrawn, belt mounted on either the strong side or in the appendix carry position. NO UNIVERSAL FIT/”Uncle Mike’s” type or leather holsters that collapse when the gun is withdrawn will be allowed. Instructor staff have discretion on what holsters are authorized, so if you aren’t sure, please call ahead to ask.

All attendees must have:
Serviceable semi-auto handgun in an appropriate caliber (no subcompacts/revolvers/.22 LR)
Quality holster, concealed carry or range set-ups permitted

150 rounds of ammunition
Hearing/Eye protection
Serviceable footwear/attire for the range
Open hearts and minds

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $75

new york Pistol Permit Class

this course is the essential introduction to the safe handling and proper use of handguns. Students will learn the NRA rules for safe gun handling,  storage, handgun parts and Basic operation, as well as ammunition basics.

This class covers NYS and Federal Firearms Laws including discussion regarding Self Defense laws and mindset.  Attendance is made with the full understanding that only an attorney can give Legal advice. 

Students will have documentation that covers all classroom topics for future review.

Verify the training requirements for your county before attending This course. 

Duration: 3-3.5 hours

Cost $65.00




Pistol Permit Class

This class will provide a complete overview of how to obtain a Florida pistol permit, which, in addition to a valid New York State pistol permit, allows you to carry currently in 34 states!

            (Read all requirements below)


This class covers:
- use of deadly force (Florida Law) 
- Florida-specific laws

firearms and concealed carry
- review of Handgun safety and operation
- Mindset and philosophy of carrying a handgun for self-defense
- color passport photograph
- completion of Florida application

- Preparation of your fingerprint card

- Locations to complete fingerprints at no cost

- qualification to satisfy florida training requirements (for students without prior proof of training)


GO to "Florida Department of Agriculture" website to verify acceptable training


Students with an acceptable training certificate pay $85.


All students will pay florida $97 for processing of Application and Fingerprints (check or MO)



Valid Unrestricted NY permit

50 rounds of ammunition

Firearm (student is able to shoot safely)

Eye and ear protection


Call ahead to clarify any questions

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cost: $100.00



Individual instruction is available with ONE OF OUR HIGHLY TRAINED CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS.

Email us at and include a contact number to discuss training opportunities!


individual Cost: $60/hr/person

Couples cost: $45 / HR / Person

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Do you have a class you would like to teach? Are you looking for a pleasant classroom space to rent for any type of instruction?  Our training room is available for rent at a very reasonable price!

Just Updated: Ceiling mounted projector and sound system available for use during your classroom rental! Only $25 extra!

8 Hour Block: $225

4 Hour Block: $150



frannie guest

The experiences I've had at The Firing Pin have been top notch. I find much of the culture surrounding firearms has been turned on it's head when I'm at the shop - for the better. The folks who run the shop are always happy to answer my questions without rushing me. There has even been a stress on ensuring I am understanding the concepts before moving on.

I took a one-on-one session for a few hours with John and was thoroughly impressed. After the session I had a much better grasp on theoretical and practical concepts surrounding the firearm we worked with.

I'm grateful the region has such a place like this and I look forward to working with them down the road.

kendrick krause

I have not fired a gun since I was in the Army almost 30 years ago.  I was not sure what to expect but what John taught me today was exactly what I wanted and needed.  By the time I got to the firing line I felt very comfortable with both the gun and the procedures.  He was awesome!!! I shot very well today and look forward to coming back and renting (testing) a few more guns before I make my purchase.  When I do purchase I will be buying it from TFP as I fully believe in buying local and rewarding business that put customers first. Thank you very much for everything.

robin purcio

Haven't used my handgun in 20 years, so it was like starting over again. Everyone has been so helpful and very friendly. There was no judgement of me being a rookie, female gun owner. You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you for your tips, encouragement & making me feel at home!! The range is great & even heated which is nice!! I was able to try different guns to find the right 1 & ended up buying 2!! I took a gun cleaning class and am looking forward to taking the conceal carry class!! I highly recommend them for practice, purchases & training!!

(585) 494-0333

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