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What is Venture Crew?

Venturing is the high-adventure program of the Boy Scouts of America that is open to boys and girls ages 14-21, which allows them to participate in many more activities than a normal Scout Troop - while still being protected by all the benefits associated with the Scout program (i.e. insurance, training, fundraising opportunities, etc.).


Put plainly, though, Venturing is FUN! This is a youth-led program where they elect their own officers and choose what they want to be working towards. If that means fundraising towards a trip to the Adirondacks......awesome! If they want to work on their marksmanship and compete in local and state-level matches? Sweet! The adult advisors and staff at The Firing Pin are here to make sure they are safe and secure and to give them guidance along the way; but Venturing is completely youth-led, giving these young adults leadership opportunities they won't find elsewhere. 

what does it cost to join?

Right now, the only cost to the youth and their parents is the $42.00 membership application fee which goes directly to the BSA. This covers insurance and dues for an entire year.


Beyond that, the youth have not had to pay out of pocket for a single round of ammunition or minute of range time. The Firing Pin has either donated or helped fundraise with The Crew to cover costs. 

WHAT: Venture Crew 556 Meeting


WHERE: The Firing Pin, LLC's lovely training room.


WHEN: Every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.



A friendly, welcoming environment where youth can make new friends, learn new things, and build valuable skills to help them in future endeavors. So far in Crew 556, the youth have shot 22 rifles, WWII-era M1 Garands, modern sporting rifles like the AR15 or AK47, suppressed firearms, 800 yard steel shoots, and more! After proper training, it is also possible for them to shoot handguns! All firearms handling and shooting is done under the supervision of NRA certified instructors who are also trained under strict BSA guidelines. 

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