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We are Western NY's finest public indoor shooting range, retail firearm store, and training center, and we're here to help novices and experts enjoy the shooting sports.

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Stay in the know about what’s happening at The Firing Pin, LLC through our posts here. From changes in business hours to new class announcements, checking this spot frequently will keep you informed.

We have partnered with 2ANYS to become the first affiliate of The Tactical Games in the entire Northeastern U.S.

This allows the collective team of both organizations to offer officially licensed, one-day 'Skirmish' events under The Tactical Games brand.

'Skirmish' events assist tactical athletes in New York State and beyond in preparing for full, two-day The Tactical Games events occurring across the country.

The Firing Pin and 2ANYS will execute their 'Alpha Standard Skirmish' on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 8 AM. This will be the first officially licensed The Tactical Games Skirmish to occur in New York State and the entire Northeastern U.S. Click the link or watch the video below to learn more! Don't miss your chance to participate!

What's the big idea?

The Firing Pin, LLC (our friends call us TFP, or "The Pin") is a public indoor shooting range, firearms training facility, and retail shooting sports store located in Bergen, NY (between Batavia and Rochester).

We have a full range of products available and we are adding new inventory daily. Stop in and use the range or just browse around, we will be happy to serve you and hopefully make you a life-long customer!

You'll find our customer service to be impeccable. We aren't like your typical gun shop. We won't talk down to you if you're inexperienced; if you're a new shooter, it is our goal to find you a gun that is comfortable and fits your needs.

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(585) 494-0333

8240 Buffalo Rd, Bergen, NY 14416, USA

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